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Why are our rates so low? Houston Green Maids is able to give you lower prices without compromising our high standards of service, because we are a family owned company with little overhead. So, we pass the savings directly to you.

Rates Include:

  • Deep Detail: Not Rotational Cleaning.
  • No Extra Charges or Hidden Fees.
  • No Minimum Hours: A lot of services have a 2 hour minimum for certain cleanings.
  • No Maximum Hours: Many services will begin to charge you more if they don’t complete cleaning within the allotted time. Some will charge as much $65 per hour if they go over!
  • Flat Fee.

Extra Charges:

They Charge We Charge
Inside Refrigerator $24.95 $0
Wipe Miniblinds $24.95 $0
Clean Oven $24.95 $0
Wipe Baseboards $24.95 $0
Pets $5.00/pet $0

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